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Evan Blum and Alyce Weber Share Their Official Music Video for “Into The Dark.”

Almost a year in the making, LA-based artist, producer, and filmmaker Evan Blum and artist Alyce Weber share the music video for “Into The Dark”.

“Into the Dark” is an instant pop classic with its catchy hooks and addictive melodies, making it the perfect radio hit for the summer. When Blum enters his emotionally rich upper register, Weber floats alongside him like a silky cloud with absolute ease. “Into the Dark” has a powerful and energetic drum beat, combined with Blum and Weber’s beautiful vocal harmonies, packaging itself as a must-need dance song in your pop playlist.

Equally mesmerizing, “Into the Dark” is not just a classic pop song, but the music video for it is a "narrative film", blending witty, and at times, hilarious dialogue, dramatic tension, and neon-soaked lights, serving as a captivating visual for the song.

“Into the Dark” is about following urges and impulses when it comes to love, and the potential experiences people miss out on because of how tightly they protect their emotions. Diving into the world of fantasy and betrayal, Blum and Weber run into the dark” as they indulge in each other’s passion for one another without thinking of the consequences. Blum states,

“To me, [Into The Dark] is sort of a fantasy. In real life, when I know a person or a relationship is ultimately toxic to me, I don't let myself act on my feelings. So this song is sort of an escape into a scenario where you allow yourself to say yes to that person you should probably say no to, and to feel the rush you would get in the moment without any of the consequences that would inevitably follow.”

Evan Blum is a songwriter, producer, and singer based out of Los Angeles, California. Working alongside multiple Grammy award-winning producers and writers, his online videos have gained millions of views collectively. Featured on Billboard, Earmilk, Popdust, Huffington Post, Refinery29 and Teen Vogue, Blum’s music Is dynamic and eclectic, running upbeat and quirky pop gems to mellow and heartfelt acoustic ballads.

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