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Evangelia Confronts the ‘Digital Age’ [VIDEO]

Jersey girl Evangelia just released a stunning ode to lost connections and digital distractions with, “Digital Age”.

Growing up she spent her time between the US and Greece, where she remembers penning tunes on her families balcony.  Drawn to musics ability to connect people beyond culture and language barriers, she grew up with music in her heart and on her mind.  The life long passion led her to Rutgers University where she would coordinate open mics and eventually it would bring her across state borders into New York’s infamous scene where she began performing and networking.

Soon after she formed an Alt-Folk band with some of the talented musicians she met along the way and began to focus on creating and releasing original tunes.  On her latest, the nostalgic and classic feeling tune relies on smooth guitar, playful percussion, muted horns and bright melodies to support the stunning vocals from Evangelia.  The minimal production is perfectly arranged to suit the vocals and allow them to shine.

The emotional performance also allows you to feel some of the Mediterranean influence that she grew up around.  The down tempo tune makes sure that the listener is captured by the first line and held onto until the last.  About the release she offers, “With technology increasing the speed of every aspect of our lives, having too many options is often an addicting distraction, keeping us stuck in surface level connections, afraid to commit, fearing there might be something better just one swipe away…but that’s never how it works. Digital Age is a reminder that what makes you happy could be right in front of you, now, in present moment.

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