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Everybody Feels a Little ‘LONELY’ Sometimes [VIDEO]

In all honestly I find it incredible how much great music comes out of the UK  I swear it is not my fault that half of the tracks I select to write about are from our friendly neighbors across the sea.

That being said, let me introduce you to Fortune, the Hip-Hop and R&B duo consisting of members Luca and Parmar, and their debut single/video, “LONELY“.

Fortune was formed out of a restaurant where both members happened to work, before becoming friends and realizing they shared a similar passion… music.  Although they had both played instruments and grew up loving music, it wasn’t until the two came together that they realized the power of collaboration and Fortune was born.

LONELY“, is a laid-back, groovin’, feel-good jam with Luca on vocals and Parmar handling things on the production end.  With a smooth R&B delivery, Luca blesses the track, singing directly to a potential love interest, “Everybody feels a little lonely sometimes.  I can be the one to help you get it right“.  Great rhythms and catchy top lines carry the vocals throughout bringing a very current sound to the track.

The video which was shot in Kalyan at White Lodge is beautifully done, helping to bring the vibe to life.  Beautiful women, breathtaking landscapes, jet skis and some playful performance shots are all this track really needs.

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