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The collaborative project of Louis Johnson (Lonas) and Josh Hawkins (Super Duper), Lone Waves is one of several previous creative endeavors that the two artists have pursued together. The idea behind Lone Waves is a no-holds-barred, sky is the limit, let the music speak for itself, creative process that drives itself. A true nurturing environment for their songs to take form and grow. The Nashville based duo clearly have talent and they are putting it to good use in their newest passion project. Lone Waves, has it’s finger on the pulse of the Alt/Pop genre, that is gripping music these days. Refined production with an artistic edge is the brand being sold and Lone Waves has potential to be a leading seller.

Daylight is as song written about not taking anything for granted and living every moment like it could be the last. Written as a summer anthem, to be a fun reminder not to take things to seriously, the chorus screams “I don’t wanna wait, no“. The anthem-chant embodies the general feeling of the song and brings a rebellious vibe. Lonas and Super Duper inspire with their lyrics and the melody motivates anyone listening to get up off their a** and stop waiting for the daylight, to break-up, to wake up, or whatever, for that matter.

The rhythm of Daylight is earthy and visceral, reaching into the primal core of a person and dragging out their impetuous nature, whilst the melody and vocals keep the feeling tamed and light. It’s a perfect summer jam to just listen to, fire yourself up with, or belt out at the top of your lungs to let off some steam! Lone Waves, have definitely tapped into something with this one. Keep your eye on the new project from Johnson and Hawkins.

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