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Ezra Brooks Taps into New Melodies in Nostalgic "Leaving"

A quick follow-up to his folk-pop song "Cherry Shirt", Ezra Brooks delivers his highly anticipated piano ballad entitled "Leaving" on all streaming platforms. Complete with Coldplay-inspired string arrangements, his single demonstrates a newly innovated sound for the artist - a bit cinematic in feel but also nostalgic at heart, "Leaving" certainly does not disappoint. Lyrically, Ezra talks about a person who has left - whether they have physically left home or maybe mentally checked out, the track represents family, friends, growth and the balance between remembering the past and taking care of yourself in the present. Coming after two decades of industry experience, "Leaving" is the first piano ballad whose theme will remain present in his single "Lilac".

About Ezra Brooks: Ezra is still an artist exploring his own sonic vision, drawing inspiration from the classic rock of bands like Queen and Fleetwood Mac or the more contemporary pop of Harry Styles. Either way, the sounds of Ezra Brooks feel completely authentic and he knows how to hook you in. Ezra is always working on a project, whether it's his music or a previously released short doc about his path as an artist called This. Is. My. Art. available on Youtube.

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