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Far West, Entertain With New Synth-Pop release, "It Feels New"

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Far West is a synth-pop project started in Santa Cruz, CA, by Ryan Settles in 2019. Since it's first release in January 2020, the project has since released nine singles,that draw influence from artists such as Day Wave, M83, and The 1975. One such release, is the latest, "It Feels New". The ninth and newest release was a collaboration with talented producer, Ben Etter. Etter elevated the songs potential to new levels, drawing from his experience working with such artists as Washed Out, Hazel English, and Cut Copy.

A melody rich, guitar driven synth-pop jam, "It Feels New", is an energetic and poppy song that can't help but deliver a smile. With the addition of some well-placed saxophone parts, including a kick-ass major sax solo, Far West take some rewarding risks in the composition of this track. "It Feels New", is exactly that. The song instantly and simultaneously feels like it both belongs to genres of the past and is blazing it's own new path forward. One thing is for sure, this song will have you rockin'.

Listen to more like Far West here:

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