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Farewell the end of Summer with M!NT’s reflective single “90 Degrees” (VIDEO)

Brooklyn-based, multi-faceted producer M!NT releases his new single and video; a collaboration with Bronx-raised singer Nas Leber. Aptly titled “90 Degrees”, the melodic and reflective track recognizes the global phenomenon of personal reflection experienced at the end of Summer, which is greatly amplified with a 2020 retrospect. It follows the recent release of M!NT’s soundtrack to New York Times author, Ian Urbina’s best selling book “The Outlaw Ocean, which premiered via Complex UK.

“90 Degrees” is an introspective piece in which Nas Leber reflects on his upbringing, the people and environment which raised him, and the struggles he’s surpassed in order to become the man he is today. By expressing gratitude for his experiences, he gains a sense of triumph and an awareness that he is meant and ready to provide a greater life and future for him and his community.

Leber’s energetic vocals combined with M!NT’s mellow piano and heavy 808’s produce a soundscape that allows for the listener to feel victorious and proud of who they are, despite whatever they may have endured.

Shot in the suburban idyll of City Island in the Bronx, the visual explores the nostalgia of Leber’s childhood spent in New York’s northernmost borough. Filmed in a typically characteristic Bronx streetscape, the creative direction places a strong sense of nostalgia, which rapidly transports the viewer to a visceral experience. The visual was directed by Sasha Nitze, who also oversees cinematography at M!NT’s music and film production studio, Arrowhead House.

No stranger to the music industry, M!NT recognises the changing business models in music distribution, and as such, has chosen to partner with game-changer Stockholm-based record label Amuse. With A&R spearheaded by producer and YouTube phenomenon, Ryan Celsius, “90 Degrees” marks M!NT’s label debut, with new collaborations to be released in the near future.

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