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FARR Stun with New Album ‘Weightless’

Transatlantic duo, FARR is set to release their new album Weightless captivating their audience with the hypnotic single “Wildflowers”. The eclectic duo, comprised of vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay, first began in 2016. A regular intended studio session transformed into a dynamic partnership. Only separated by oceans (by way of L.A and London) the two exchanged voice notes eventually compiling the structure of their late genius body of work.

Wildflowers” offers a peak into their new album by offering chilling lo-fi elements sometimes dark, mixed in with enthralling lyrics. The audience will enjoy the twisted fusion of pop and electronic music. What is special about FARR is the combination of their roots coming together. The London/L.A connection creates a unique sound like no other. Roméo’s seamless delivery and edgy vocals are accompanied by Linden’s vintage production style and leaves you with a roller-coaster listening experience.

Wildflowers”, is their follow-up record to hit singles “Heal Me,” “Technicolour,” “Paranoid” and more. Recently coming off a tour with muli-platinum artist Kelis, the two look to shake things up again in 2020.

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