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While it may have taken me a minute to get this song up on the site, that hasn’t stopped me from rocking it heavy.

Sydney based Donatachi is is a bubblegum beat maker with a passion for creating feel good jams to throw a wicked smile on your face.  Following up and a few other singles, Donatachi has just released, “Take Me“, featuring Kady Rain and I can’t get enough. 

Over a dynamic 2 step beat, Kady Rain delivers beautiful, catchy and melodic top lines while the production percolates beneath.  Peel back the layers in the production and you will continue to hear new flavors you may have missed before.  While it may seem straight forward, the track as a whole is actually pretty intricate – it is just how well both artists perform that makes it seem so simple.

When asked about the collab, Donatachi said, “I’m the biggest champion for pop in it’s purest forms, and Kady Rain is truly the embodiment of that. It’s exciting to find another likeminded artist who genuinely wants to create music that makes people happy. Her songwriting ability, both lyrically and melodically, is so catchy yet clever and it was obvious that we would be able to make something fun and unpretentious.“.

All I know is I’m glad they got together for this one.  It’s a jam.

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