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“Feel It Again” by Jenny Kern Captures the Lust and Freedom of Classic Alt-Pop Tracks.

Reverbs, distortion, and ambient production, “Feel It Again” shows itself to be similar to great 80’s alt pop classics. The song is moody and composed of a faded and distant vocal choir, and a booming and gritty EDM bass, making it the perfect song for dancing. Jenny Kern’s newest track is the perfect song for those who love emotional and vivid music but still want to feel flow and energy in a song.

Jenny Kern not only showcases her abstract artistry with her production choices, but highlights her songwriting chops with her emotional and raw lyrics. Kern pours her heart on "Feel It Again" and lets listeners in on a more personal side of her. “Hand goes numb,” “spinning like a ceiling,” and “mind is overrun” are just a taste of the intimate lyrics that are featured on this track.

Kern uses typical pop beats and melodies, which is what make her hooks and verses so addictive. The bass in "Feel It Again" is saturated with fullness and reverb and accompanied by pounding dark drums. These creative choices transports listeners into the deeply emotional world that Kern has created.

When asked about the making of “Feel It Again,” Jenny Kern wrote the following:

"Feel It Again’ is essentially about the ups and downs of dealing with emotions, especially when it comes to loving and being in love with another person.

It’s an emotional release. A funky ode to dancing your pain away. Simply put, I want this song to make people feel more alive and in tune with their body. The goal for this track and this upcoming EP was to really, truly play with rhythm. This song especially dives into that with the synth bass line, drum groove and rhythmic guitar.

My focus was to step outside of the box. Not do the norm of what everyone expects of me. I wanted to show another side of my artistry. I want this song to be an anthem for those who are constantly overwhelmed with emotion.”

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