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Felix Cartal Keeps the Heat on Leading to New Album ‘Next Season’

Felix Cartal has been having quite the run lately with a number of stellar releases leading up to a new album, “Next Season”, die out in May.  Hot on the heels of, “Runaway”, “Get What You Give”, and, “Hold Tight”, he is back with, “Walking By”.

The new record featuring Iselin Solheim follows Felix Cartal’s signature sound – dance floor friendly, yet emotionally charged records that make you feel as they make you move.  With Iselin delivering a breathy and vulnerable vocal, the production relies on rich melodies carried by guitars and plucks to create an enchanting tune about, “what if’s”.  The track perfectly blends electronic and acoustic elements helping to create an organic yet groovy release.

Continuing to build on what was his biggest year yet, Felix Cartal is keeping the heat on.  Do yourself a favor and get hyped for his new album.  From the sound of it… it will be a gem.

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