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Felix Cartal Wants us to ‘Hold Tight’ [VIDEO]

Canadian DJ/producer Felix Cartal has been a force to be reckoned with in the EDM community for several years now.  From headlong major festivals, to racking up over 45 million streams on Spotify, to having releases on nearly every top Dance label, Felix shows not sign of letting up or losing the scenes attention.

Making a name for himself with beautiful, melodic, grooving releases, he has become a highly sought after and easy to recognize name and face for the PLUR generation.  

His latest release serves as a B side to his most recent release, “Get What You Give“, which has landed at the top of Hype Machine and Sirius XM Chill and is currently working its way up the Canadian Top 40 Radio Chart.

Inspired by his own release, he sampled, “Get What You Give“, to create, “Hold Tight“.  The vibrant, moody, emotionally charged release subtly expresses the need and power of the human embrace.  In a world full of uncertainty, stress, loss and pain, sometimes we need to be reminded to, “hold tight,” onto what we have and the ones we love.  About the release, Felix says, “I think embraces are very powerful, and the mood of the song has this sort of unresolved feeling – like we are all searching for a moment of togetherness.” 

Through his music, Felix has always found a way to connect with his fans, and the world, by expressing deep rooted emotions via dance floor friendly feel good vibes.  To make this tune even more powerful it comes along with an artistic and esoteric visual treatment that perfectly matched the vibe of the song.

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