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Findlay's Releases Her New Wiry and Quirky Song, "The End of The World."

Have you ever thought about the end of the world?

No worries if you haven’t, Findlay’s newest track, “The End of The World,” offers a quirky and humorous exploration into this very dark existential question. “The End of The World” is a folky, upbeat, humorous, acoustic, and wacky song that is perfect for listeners who are looking for a genuinely unique song.

“Findlay” is the stage persona of the singer-songwriter, Natalie Findlay, who is the creative mind behind “The End of the World.” Aside from Findlay’s quick wit and sense of humor, she stands out with an odd, yet musical, voice. Her tone is sweet and full, yet she leans into an off-beat voice in order to add character to her tracks, diverting from the typical songbird soprano voice. This artistic choice can be risky, but for Findlay, it is an absolute slam dunk. Her voice is truly original, imitating no one but herself, and is channeled from the emotions and atmosphere of her songs.

Findlay is not just a singer-songwriter, but a multi-instrumentlist as well. She possesses an unchained creative spirit that is weaved into every piece of art she makes. Originally from Stockport, England, Findlay has continued to build worlds, and even question their end, within her music. Her creative talents don’t stop at folk music, but expand to even making rock operas that have achieved critical acclaim.

Findlay’s much anticipated second album 'The Last of the 20th Century Girls" will be released on the 13th of May, 2022.

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