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Fine, whatever DEALS WTH AFTERMATH OF BREAKUPS IN NEW SINGLE, "our tape on a loop"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Isak Gunnarsson is a veteran musician from Sweden. The artist has been in over seven bands, ranging from genres such as punk, metal, Swedish pop, and indie rock. Isak has toured both Europe and the USA, finding much success during this time, including having his music broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of listeners during an award show for the respected radio station, P3. Gunnarsson is now making music as Fine, whatever and creating a sound that effortlessly falls between emo/pop and Indie Rock.

The newest single from the Swedish artist, is a song that deals with the feelings that come after being in a breakup. With an upbeat tempo and an uplifting message, the song finds itself relatable, as a buoy of hope floating in the dark waters of emotion that can consume someone, when faced with moving on after a breakup. Quirky and happy pop melodies coupled with fun electric-synth background sounds and a snappy percussion keep the overall tone of the tune, positive. Although the song is uplifting, sonically, its nature is a bit darker. As with other songs coming from Fine, whatever these days, he is tackling some major issues. Some of the issues that Fine, whatever is discussing with his music are, mental health, sexuality, and the divide and loneliness that life has taken on in times of incessant social media usage and less "human" contact.

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