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First Generation American Hip Hop Artist Benny Duhay Delivers Summer Party Hit “Mexico”

Proudly representing the City of Angels, hip hop artist Benny Duhay releases his summertime hit “Mexico” today! Inspired by the beaches of Cancun, “Mexico” delivers that all inclusive vacation vibe with hard-hitting synths and buoyant drum patterns. Lyrically, the track makes you feel like you walked into a party ready to escape from reality; the non stop drinking and late night temptations offer that lighthearted vibe that we could all use after a year like 2020. With most people stuck inside with no place to go, songs like “Mexico” offer an undoubtedly danceable escape to create that feeling of a carefree vacation to the tropics to hold us over until 2021.

“Shots by the pool, Cardio in the room / Pass out suns out, Wake up with the moon”

Influenced by artists like Kanye West & Drake, rapper Benny Duhay’s unique style pairs seamlessly with “Mexico”’s laid back celebratory vibes. As a first generation immigrant from Tel Aviv, English was not Benny’s first language. Not knowing that one day he’d join the ranks of lyrical masterminds, he conveniently picked it up rather quickly. He found his love for Hip Hop very early on in life as he started writing poetry while listening to artists like Eminem and Lupe Fiasco. When he got older, he began to record, which led him to performance opportunities all over California. Benny plans to round out 2020 with quite a few releases, hoping to stay creative throughout the unknowns and turbulence that this year has brought the world. Benny Duhay is easily an ‘artist to watch’ coming out of the west coast & it all begins with “Mexico”.

“The bandwagon left and, I don’t see you in it / That’s what happens when you winning, Conversation been ended”

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