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FJ LAW is the solo project of songwriter/producer Danny Hall. The UK based artist is relatively new to the electronic music scene, but 2021 is turning out to be quite a year for him. FJ Law has been finding support both here in the states as well as across the pond. The young 24 year old artist has found himself in the good graces of BBC Introducing, Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Fresh Finds, New Pop UK, Creativity Boost, Chilled Pop Hits, and Bloom playlists. Apple music has added him to their New Music Daily Playlist and here in the US, radio support has come from WFNM, who also interviewed FJ and invited him to perform a live session for them. Following three previous single releases with ‘friends’, ‘tongue tied’, and ‘catching 22’, FJ LAW has released his fourth and latest single, dropped on May 5th. Family, is a song about the importance family has in the journey of a person and an artist, particularly during the good times when they are generally taken for granted. For FJ LAW, this single is a chance to send his own family a love-letter and tell them exactly how he feels and how much they mean to him.

The track itself is lo-fi an not particularly long, with low-sweeping synth tones and an auto-tuned vocal performance. The result is a vulnerable, sweet, and haunting piece of art. With each verse devoted to particular family members and their impact on FJ, the artist never forgets to circle back and touch upon what he would like to do to show his appreciation to them. A heartfelt chorus simply delivers the message, “family, means so much to me“. A message everyone can do well to remember in both good times and bad.

Listen to more music from FJ LAW, here:

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