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Flora Cash Continue To Pull At Heart Strings with ‘Feeling So Down’

Hailing from Sweden, Flora Cash have been hard at work for several years now. Having initially met on Soundcloud and hitting it off, the Scandi duo began to release a steady stream of music in 2015, appealing to the emotional mess within us all and quickly connecting with their haunting and poignant tunes. Their first major success came with the release of, “You’re Somebody Else“, in 2017, which launched the project into the stratosphere and helped to show the world what they are made of. Now certified platinum and boasting over 250M worldwide streams, the success of that single helped to fan the fire, but in no way slowed down the now highly respected duo.

Having found previous support from the likes of Billboard, Noisey, Paste, Earmilk and Indie Shuffle, Flora Cash continue to build their catalog while still riding high off of the continued success of, “You’re Somebody Else“. Touching on themes that explore the diversity of human relationships, Flora Cash are penning tunes that appeal to the masses, touching parts of our soul that are often left unchecked. Most recently, they have unleashed their new single, “Feeling So Down“, and it once again helps to solidify their spot as one of the most exciting acts out of Sweden.

The new jam, like tunes past, is an emotive release that relies on a haunting hook, laid back production and beautiful, dynamic vocals to cut deep. A bit down-tempo, their latest offering remains minimal while the vocals sit up top for maximum impact. Reading something like a lullaby, “Feeling So Down“, is a chill and captivating release that will without a doubt be making the rounds on Alternative radio in the coming months. With their star shining brighter than ever, I can’t help to be excited for what else Flora Cash may have coming in 2021. Make sure you keep an eye on them.

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