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Florencia Minniti Releases Dark Cinematic Anthem, "Hostage"

Florencia Minniti releases her newest single, "Hostage", a dark, moody, cinematic anthem. "Hostage" discusses the difficulties of being in a relationship embroidered with strife and dysfunction. Produced by JayG and Florencia together, this song is as haunting as it is powerful, and continues to give me goosebumps every time I hear it. "Hostage" was mixed and mastered by Corey Phillips, who makes music under the name ColorMind.

In her own words: "I wrote 'Hostage' during a difficult relationship. Metaphorically, I felt like a "hostage in disguise." Blinded by a confusing "love,” I excused behaviors that brought down my self-esteem. At times, I felt very unsafe, yet wrongfully convinced myself being alone would be worse. I let the relationship leverage control over my own mind. It took time, I began to exercise the judgment that has kept me emotionally safe when exiting the relationship. I want to share this song in case someone finds themselves in a similar situation. You are loved, never alone, and deserve to get out. I believe love should be gentle, honest, and compassionate. Kindness, understanding, consistency, and regard is the bare minimum. You are worthy whether you are in a relationship or not (romantic, family relationship, friendship, etc)., and by all means worthy of healthy love. Always."

American-Argentine who grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Florencia, has been writing music and filmmaking since the 6th grade of middle school. She began recording music professionally in 2019.

Growing up as a multicultural, multi talented individual, she has found it almost impossible to fit in just one box. When others would advise her to take one direction, she took multiple different ones. She’s been combining her different music and filmmaking talents by storyboarding, planning, and editing content for her artist career including her music videos.

She aims for her music to capture feelings and emotions felt through the lessons, moments, and relationships she has experienced in life. When asked to describe her musical goals, Flo shares, "If I can help just one person feel they are not alone and resonate with my lyrics and music, to provide a safe place to find and feel strength— that's all I will ever wish for. To make sure they know the value in embracing lessons from the past and move towards a wiser and brighter future."

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