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Fluencie Teams Up with tiger lily in High Energy Hit “juneau, alaska”

Hailing from rainy Seattle, electronic artist Fluencie pulls out all the stops in his new collaboration with tiger lilly entitled “juneau, alaska”. Now based in LA, tiger lilly actually met Fluencie in the halls of their Seattle-based high school. It’s obvious that they’ve come a long way since their initial meet-up; both come from musical backgrounds and their synergy shines in their energetic new hit. The colorful music video creative displays several switch ups between up close shots of tiger lilly and fun party shots of Fluencie in front of a stark white backdrop. The sultry pop meets EDM production creates an emotional yet highly danceable track that makes you nostalgic for high school days. As the lyrics put it, “When I’m cold, I’ll think about us, think back to high school and the records that you used to love / When I’m old, I’ll think about us, almost strangers we’re just close enough. The captivating music video features Pro Tricking Athlete World Champion Bailey Payne, topping off this unforgettable collaboration.

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