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For Jameo It Just Comes ‘Natural’

Here is a new vibe from LA based Jameo.

While most of his musical career has been spent in and out of Alternative Rock bands touring around the country, Jamie Okrzynski has created the Jameo moniker to share a whole new side of himself as an artist.

On his new release, “Natural“, featuring Tima Dee, Jameo shows off his production chops while also displaying a solid Pop sensibility and a great overall understanding of Electronic music.  The new release is a vibrant Pop leaning Future Bass smash that sees Tima Dee soaring on the vocals while Jameo nails the production.

Low-key production during the verses give way to massive hooks, laden with ripping synths and a great overall bounce.  The dynamic release could easily fit in with some of your favorite producers who are dominating the genre, emphasizing that Jameo has a lot to show – and hopefully a lot more to share.

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