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David Byers also known by his stage name DAVESTATEOFMIND has just released his third official single in collaboration with long time collaborated and New Orleans based producer Chris Hayes and it has officially put him on my radar.

The singer/rapper/songwriter approached, “Mamacita”, with a specific plan in place…About the track he says, “I want people to move.  I want people to know that everybody is a mamacita.”  Beyond the romantic lyrics, DAVESTATEOFMIND displays a clear understanding of the music he is creating while also flexing his abilities in both R&B and Hip Hop.  Dominating on the vocals, he floats on top of the Latin infused production bringing an original vibe to what may seem like an oversaturated market.

With this only being his third single, I can only imagine that he has a lot more in store and personally I can’t wait to see where he takes things.

This is all around a jam.  Perfectly executed and able to stand out from the pack in so many ways.

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