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As a quartet hailing from Leeds in West Yorkshire, England, the new signing from Slam Dunk Records, Indie/Pop band For You the Moon really brings the early 2000‘s vibe! Front-man and main song writer Isaac Cooter delivers musical content and a vocal delivery, with the new single Talk, that is a screaming reminder of the Emo/Rock coming from our car speakers while we drove too fast to hang out in parking lot’s and drink beers, long before we could, legally. Though the band pulls inspiration from an eclectic source, the main stays for all members include The Dangerous Summer, You Me A Six, Stand Atlantic, and Bring Me The Horizon. With a strong cornerstone rooted in the early Emo sound, it’s also easy to hear where the band inserts the style of todays more POP music. The merging of the two styles gives For You the Moon a fresh take on a super reliable genre, culminating in a sound that reflects the likes of major Emo/Alt Rock hitters, like Cartel, Hawthorne Heights, Say Anything, The Killers, and many other fan favorites from a time not-so-long forgotten. HELL, even the band name reminds me of the good times!

Of forming, Cooter says, “Basically it was one of those things where we were all coming away from different projects for various reasons and we were all just floating about and not really know what we were doing. We all went to university together so that’s where we all knew each other from and Tim (Bassist) would also record the stuff that me and Mike (Drums) did with our old band. Tim was in a band with Jordan (Guitarist) as well, so it almost came together like two and two slapped together. We had been part of the same scene already so we all just started jamming together.” Just a bunch of dudes, all into similar things, coming together to make their own fresh music, that’s what I’m talking about!

Talk, is the second single from For You The Moon, and the single is well produced, with fun blaring guitar riffs a solid beat and smooth vocals. The single also takes on an anthemic feel, while still delivering an existential experience that could rival Straylight Run.

Listen to more music from For You The Moon, here:

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