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Fox Stevenson Releases New Alt-Pop Jam ‘Out My Head’

If you were paying any attention during the rise of EDM, I have no doubt that the name Fox Stevenson is one that you are familiar with.  The UK based DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalist has been no stranger to success since first launching.  From stellar originals, massive remixes and huge festival slots – Fox Stevenson has proven himself time and time again as one of the more intriguing artists in the scene.

With relatable lyrics, an anthemic hook and one hell of a vibe tying it all together, the new single opens up Fox Stevenson to his broadest audience yet.  Bringing an authentic and energetic feel to the tune, it seems Fox Stevenson is ready to show the world what he is (really) made of.  A far cry from his EDM smashes of the past, “Out My Head”, is a brilliant next step for the already well respected and highly regarded musician.  I love everything about this… and I’m very much looking forward to what he hits us with next.

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