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Foxfrd Drops New EP "Interlude"

Rising R&B artist and content creator Foxfrd captivates listeners once again with the release of his EP "Interlude." The collection of thought-provoking, lyrically introspective tracks demonstrate growth, versatility and personal reflection. Serving as a testament to his evolution as both a human being and a creative force, “Interlude” promises to offer an intimate glimpse into his inner world while Foxfrd grapples with themes of family, attachment, success, and self-discovery. A departure from the conventional, "Interlude" intimately shares his personal journey through experiences and emotions that resonate universally. The project delivers transparent storytelling, portraying a sincere exploration of his struggles and triumphs.

The lead track, "Egypt," serves as a poignant reflection on growth and introspection. The song captures a personal metamorphosis since his last musical offering, highlighting the challenges of navigating a fast-paced world while striving for deeper connections with family. The lyrics evoke the need to reevaluate priorities and confront the transient nature of existence, reminding us all to cherish those closest to us. "Engaged," follows the overarching theme of maturation. In a refreshing departure from conventional love songs, Foxfrd offers a candid perspective on commitment and the complexities of relationships. With a backdrop of a career-driven existence, the song candidly explores the intricacies of romance and the hesitations that accompany it.

The resonant track "Color Scheme'' explores themes of family, growth, and love against a backdrop of challenges and triumphs. Foxfrd’s commitment to celebrating black success, despite systemic struggles, shines through. The song offers an inspirational glimpse into the artist's determination to be a role model and an agent of positive change, emphasizing the importance of staying connected to one's roots. Lastly, "Passionfruit," the final jewel of the project, speaks volumes about the significance of a supportive team. In it, Foxfrd emphasizes the value of surrounding oneself with like-minded, passionate individuals who share a common vision. The track underscores the importance of collaboration and mutual inspiration in achieving artistic excellence.

"Interlude" is not just a musical creation; it's a deeply personal narrative that invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys. Foxfrd masterfully weaves together elements of vulnerability, growth, and celebration, creating an EP that resonates with diverse audiences.

Now Los Angeles-based, Foxfrd’s original musical chops blossomed during his time in Memphis, TN. Having been a lead animator in the video game industry for many years, he introduces a wildly unique approach to storytelling through visual art. Working for notable gaming studio The Game Band, where he helped create the Apple award-winning game Where Cards Fall, Foxfrd’s experience has positioned him as a multimedia artist on the rise. Now performing as a viral creator and cosplayer on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, his content is reaching millions of viewers worldwide. Brilliantly embracing the seamless crossover between the music and gaming worlds, Foxfrd has found his lane in the industry and we are thrilled to witness its continuous growth on a global scale.

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