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Frankie Bird Remind Us what it was like to be "Twenty Something" and it Felt Great

Ever-evolving singer-songwriter Frankie Bird, formerly known as FRANKIE, is set to release her debut LP "Twenty Something" on June 6th. To mark this occasion, she has unveiled a video for her latest single, "23," which is also the closing track of the album. Having previously toured with major acts like Troye Sivan, Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth, and Daya, Frankie Bird's reinvention during the pandemic has seen her transition from Pop influences to her singer-songwriter roots. Collaborating with a new team of musicians, she has crafted a cinematic sound that brings her vision to life, earning over 1M streams and praise from esteemed publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Nylon.

"Twenty Something" is a deeply personal and reflective album, capturing the highs and lows of Frankie's twenties. The single "23" stands out as a poignant anthem, encapsulating her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Frankie shares, “23 is my own personal experience feeling like Dorothy in Oz. I wrote this song during the pandemic when I was 29, idolizing the year I was 23 when all my dreams came true and I felt like I was in Oz.” The song eloquently expresses the longing for past glories while embracing the present, a theme that resonates throughout the album. The lush, cinematic production paired with Frankie's heartfelt lyrics and vocals creates an evocative listening experience.

Listeners should not miss the chance to delve into "Twenty Something," as Frankie Bird's storytelling and musical craftsmanship shine brightly. Her ability to turn personal experiences into universally relatable songs makes this album a compelling journey through the trials and triumphs of young adulthood. With her fresh direction and heartfelt approach, Frankie Bird is an artist to watch and follow closely, promising even more profound and captivating music in the future.

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