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Freddie Elmberg Strives To “Feel Again”

What comes after the end of a relationship is never easy. Sometimes that pain and hurt build up into a sense of complete numbness. Freddie Elmberg captures this struggle on his new single “Feel Again.”

A beautiful, yet melancholy heart-break ballad, “Feel Again” is solemn, yet comforting at the same time. Elmberg’s rich vocal tone shatters your reality of love, while the piano’s rhythmic ostinato cradles you like a lullaby. The lyrics dig deep into pain and the desire to be emotionally better, such as lines like “since you left, I can’t catch my breath” and “bleeding on my own trying to stop the pain.” “Feel Again” is the beginning of Elmberg’s healing process.

Freddie Elmberg is a London born singer-songwriter and musician. Classically trained on the violin and piano, he then progressed to become more involved with singing which led on to his writing journey in his late teens. A couple years later, Freddie began attending the Music Conservatoire in Manchester, England where he continued his training as a professional musician. Freddie prides himself on being as authentic as possible and owning his own unique sound in every record that he makes. His main goal is to have people resonate with the music that he creates and nothing else.

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