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Fresh grime heat from Skatta x Kriptik with ‘Try’

Some dope new UK business here from two artists doing big things in the grime scene in England! Skatta is a rapper who’s reached across the pond to work with some dope US names, and is on to big things as his trajectory takes him to new places. On this track with the Nottingham grime MC named Kriptik, the two of them drop knowledge on how it’s important to believe in your own journey and not have your enthusiasm dampened by those who say you can’t! As Kriptik says on the hook “They say that I’ll never achieve it so why do I fight? Good thing I never believed it undefeated in my first try.” Peep the video here and don’t forget to keep that motivation mindset as these two have done! This single is taken from Skatta’s forthcoming project Fight Night Flows EP.

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