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Fritz Hager gives us youthful spirit and an new hill to look from with "Caroline" an indie rock bop

"Caroline" from self-proclaimed "Indie-Kid" Fritz Hager, is a whole University diaspora rolled up into pages of sheet music blowing on the campus grounds of our indie youth souls.

When someone says they are an "Indie Kid" there is an almost immediate image that hops into your brain, the baggy pants, lumberjack shirts, beanies and guitars, we all know that and we all love that - "Caroline" is a love letter to an age that has now become an aesthetic - it's watching Scrubs, Listening to Vampire Weekend, Growing monsteras in our dorm rooms and going to the parties that will always end in rooftop stargazing layered in smoke and wine.

The indie genre definitely has a "sound", and Fritz Hager has tuned into that sound so perfectly with "Caroline" and yet also painted over the corduroy shirt with the black brush of rock and garage that it's the most stylish outfit on campus ground that almost everyone wants a piece

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