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FRNK Releases First Single "I'm A Loser" from Forthcoming Debut Album

While this may be the first official single from New York, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter FRNK, it is far from the first project he has been a part of. From rocking high school bands to writing songs for kids to lending his skills to a vast array of different projects, music has been a huge part of FRNK’s life since the beginning. Having spent the better part of the last two years on his debut album, “Everything is Now,” he is now ready to kick things off with lead single, “I’m A Loser.”

The first of three singles from his forthcoming album, “I’m A Loser,” is a gritty and energetic Alt-Rock bomb. With ripping guitars, funky synth and playful lyrics, FRNK’s first offering is more than enough to prime the pump. The 9-track album which was produced by FRNK himself, delivers a wide range of tones, all coming together to create a dynamic project that has something for everyone. About, “I’m A Loser,” FRNK says, “Initially, I wrote this song when I was angry at someone and the line, “you’re a loser,” came out. Soon enough I realized that, maybe, in fact, I was the loser for thinking the way I was. I decided it made a lot more sense and better fit the overall energy of the song, which was somewhat inspired by artists like Nirvana, Heart Shaped Box and Green Day. I guess this is an anthem about being honest and confident in who you are.”

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