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Fuego Latin Electronic Vibes from ShiShi

New York based producer ShiShi has just dropped a banging Latin inspired Electronic jam with, “Damelo“.

On top of the clean and dynamic production, the Shakira-esque vocals come at you full force with a sauciness and attitude that can only come from a fierce Latina.  Bright synth melodies, rhythmic percussion and pounding kicks come together to create a dance infused jam ready to rock dance floors around the world.

About the release ShiShi says, “I love the way Latin music moves people: it’s honest and raw. I wanted to create a bilingual record that channeled that energy — something people can get down to anywhere in the world.

All I can say is that ShiShi has absolutely nailed this vibe.  Sexy, fun, upbeat and totally danceable.  This one hits for me.

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