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Gabe Reali Brings The Sauce on New Single ‘miss me(?)’

Buzzing singer/songwriter Gabe Reali first came onto my radar last year with this little ditty – that is still rocking on my playlists.

Immediately impressed by his vocals and Pop sensibilities, he quickly became and artist for me to keep an eye on.  Clearly an artist aiming for quality over quantity, I had to wait quite a while… but his new tune, “miss me(?)” was well worth the wait.  On the new single , Gabe Reali brings a saucy, attitude laced performance over a pumping production.  

Finding the perfect blend between modern Pop and 90’s R&B, Gabe’s vocals shine from beginning to end via lush harmonies, great vocal control and incredibly catchy and soulful melodies.  About the release he says, “miss me(?) is a facetiously petty anthem inspired by a breakup and wanting to make your ex jealous.

One of my personal favorite up and coming singers of the moment, his vocals bring a tone and flavor that is hard match – his vocals, no matter how expressive always seem to find a way to shine through the track and cut deep.  Mix that with his quality production, sound design and impressive lyrics and Gabe Reali is for sure an artist to watch in my opinion.

Here’s to hoping he can keep the jams coming… I’ll be waiting.

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