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Galo Drops Two-Track ‘Obsessed’ EP

Tampa based House producer Galo is back once again with his latest release, “Obsessed“. The two track EP out now on Gangsta House Records once again proves the Connecticut native to be ahead of the curve with is dark and dirty House sound. With both tracks switching vibes, Galo shows a bit if diversity on the project while making sure both jams are ready for the dancefloor.

About the project he says, “I wrote these two last year around this time, and I didn’t really have any specific ideas in mind. I didn’t even think of pairing them as an EP at first. I just sat on Ableton and laid out whatever came to mind, then brushed it up. Any time I write like this, the songs always come out with a darker feel to them, but it’s not intentional. I’ve found it’s those kind of organic/natural writing processes that make for the most interesting and authentic tracks.

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