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Garret Kato and Elina warms our coffee cups with "Never Alone" a heartful indie folk track for all.

"Never Alone" is a hug by a campfire, a warm beverage with a view, a soft hug on a winter night, a misty window with a lit candle - the track is pure comfort, pure joyous calm and Im here for every second of it.

Australia-based producer and musician Garret Kato has designed a dream folk track that has you by the heartstring, with Elina's dueting vocals, their ballading voices carrying a narrative that is as relatable as it is romantic, caring and all-around charming.

It's an easy skill to just put some guitar strums together, but it takes creative passion, a touching honest hand, and an understanding of the romance of life to make something like "Never Alone" and Garret Kato and Elina have succeeded on mass.

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