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Garvie Continues to Boost Moods with Recent Drop "So High"

Garvie's latest release, "So High," is an irreverent and infectious earworm that takes you on a whirlwind of kaleidoscopic sonic adventures. Self-produced by Garvie himself, the track showcases a captivating blend of funk bass, wobbly strings, chiptune synths, and a touch of Deep South slide guitar, all complemented by Garvie's ethereal falsetto vocals. It's a sonic journey that's as OTT (over the top) as it is playful and fun. This departure from his previous work demonstrates Garvie's versatility, embracing a trippier and more atmospheric sound while maintaining his pop sensibilities with an abundance of hooks. Listeners may catch shades of Still Woozy, Glass Animals, and Tash Sultana, but Garvie's unique touch makes "So High" a standout track.

Beyond the obvious double meaning of "So High," Garvie encourages listeners to delve deeper into the song's narrative, emphasizing that it's not solely about one interpretation. The track explores themes of dependency, capturing the feeling of diving headfirst into new experiences, and the realization that you're already fully committed, whether that's liberating or overwhelming. This multi-layered storytelling, combined with the vibrant and eclectic production, sets "So High" apart as a track that's not just about surface-level enjoyment but also a thought-provoking musical journey.

Garvie's journey as an artist has been a captivating one, transitioning from writing for other artists and performing on the London live scene to his immersive exploration of self-production during the challenging year of 2020. The result is a sound-world that beautifully merges the big guitars and anthemic choruses from his previous projects with the playful synths and cheeky 8-bit throwbacks inspired by his gaming experiences. With well-deserved recognition on platforms like BBC Radio 1's Future Artists and Radio 6, Garvie's star is undoubtedly on the rise. "So High" is a testament to his evolving creativity, and it's clear that he's set for a high score in the music industry this year.

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