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Gavriel Teams Up with Alti in "Here by Your Side"

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gavriel has been quoted to be one of the most refreshing artists to work with by music producer and saxophone player for Billy Joel, Richie Canata. The youngest of six brothers, he grew up listening to classic rock greats and doesn't remember a time when music wasn't a significant part of his life. Now making music inspired by his recent marriage, Gavriel's "Here by Your Side" tugs at the heartstrings as we are introduced to soaring vocals and minimalist instrumentation, creating a lush ethereal soundscape perfect for the big screen. And the synergy with Alti does not go unnoticed. The the two artists do a great job of delivering honest, heart-on-sleeve lyrics, sticking to their signature styles while also blending the best of what they have to offer together. A song about loyalty and companionship, the track provides a relatable narrative for anyone who has experienced the beautiful depths of loves potential. "When it’s dark outside and I’m all alone, I know you’ll be there to take me home. That’s why I will be here by your side...I’ll be here by your side" ~ Here by Your Side.

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