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GAYLE Flexes Her Softer Side on "ALEX"

While GAYLE may have burst into the spotlight with her gritty and hard-hitting smash single, "abcdefu," the buzzing songstress continues to wow audiences with her impressive songwriting and captivating vocals. Now sitting over 12M monthly listeners on Spotify, there is no doubt GAYLE has gone mainstream, but it is her indie flare and undeniable versatility that will ensure that she is remembered as far more than a one-hit-wonder.

Having only launched her solo project back in 2020, her rise has been hard to miss, dominating the airwaves in the US and beyond, but GAYLE has kept her foot on the gas and has since delivered a number of follow ups that only help her star shine brighter. Recently she released a number of EP's in a series titled, "a study of the human experience," and it is both an impressive display of marketing tactics as well as a nice new addition to her already stellar catalog. Between volumes, one, two, and two and a half, GAYLE unleashes a handful of tunes that display her ability to flawlessly cross-genres, as well as her willingness to try new things and expand her sound and stronghold in the pop world.

Amongst the singles from her new crop of releases is, "ALEX." Included on, "a study of human experience volume 2," this tune brings the same raw, real and heart-wrenching energy that we've come to love from GAYLE, while also showing a more emotive side to her sound.

One of my personal favorites in GAYLE's catalog, this tune is a bit more laid back and sensitive than a lot of her other songs and while the production is lush, it also leaves plenty of room for GAYLE to really pour it all into the performance. This tune also gets an (angrier) revamp on EP two and a half, beefing up some of the sounds and adding a bit more grit to the vocal layers, but in my opinion the original hits me a bit harder. Either way, make sure you check out both versions and keep an eye on GAYLE as I am confident this is just the beginning for her.

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