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GAZAL Soundtracks Unrequited Love With “I Am Your Wasteland”

First captivated by Australian artist GAZAL on her debut single “Running With The Lights Out,” she is closing out the year with another killer tune. Providing a soundtrack to unrequited love, her newest single “I Am Your Wasteland” is curated chaos that sparkles with an infectious beat and soulful lyrics.

Finding herself at the dead-end of a relationship, “Wasteland” navigates those trepidatious steps through conflict and confusion. The tune is architecturally synth-pop through and through, with a pulsing rhythmic drum pattern and humming guitar licks vibrating through your body. Just when you think you’ve been sucked into the beat, GAZAL’s ruminating lyrics and catchy melodies catch you by surprise and keep you locked in on the deep story of a crush who’s willing to take it all, and give nothing in return.

After operating behind the scenes for a few years, singer-songwriter GAZAL takes a step into the spotlight. The Sydney-based artist released her debut “Running With The Lights Out” earlier this year, which bridged wistful and whimsical together. Delving into the scattered feelings of nostalgia, growing pains and the art of second-guessing offer inspiration alongside contemporaries Mura Masa, Aurora, and Bon Iver, GAZAL carves a space for introspection on the Sydney music scene. She fuses folk, grime, and pop to curate a hybrid soundscape unified by her eclectic voice, which cuts to the core.

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