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Hailing from QUEENSLAND, Australia and based in LA, multi-talented, multi-intrumental, multi-faceted artist JACK GRAY, delivers inspiration with his new LOVE fueled BANGER ‘I GOT 3’. The song is about the feeling of discovering the I LOVE YOU feeling for someone, in a moment shared with them, and the excitement and fear associated with that feeling, when you struggle with whether or not you should say it and “mess it up” or let the feeling linger in the air and simply, BE FELT! “It’s a song about saying ‘I love you’, but it never actually says those words in the song. It’s about that moment in a relationship where you’re ready to say it, you’re having an amazing night, all you want to do is tell them but you don’t want to mess it up. ‘It’s all about that feeling, the desire of wanting to say it, why do we feel the need to say it to someone? I wanted to capture that moment.’”

JACK, refuses to have his music boxed by genre, which stems from growing up listening to all types of music. This fact is heavily exemplified in his songwriting abilities. GRAY’S lyrics are both smart and heartfelt, with a modern edge, that serves to pair with his R&B, Indie/Acoustic, Rock&Roll, musical style that forms a neatly packaged POP sound, ready for delivery to your ears. His lyrics are intimate, his music is current, and his versatility makes him formidable in any genre. “his productions show little regard for traditional distinctions between acoustic and electronic elements, frequently combining both into an ambitiously modern blend that feels instantly familiar and boldly adventurous all at once”.

JACK GRAY, says of his music, “When I’m making beats, I don’t care if I’m using an 808 drum machine or an acoustic kit,” adding “If it sounds dope, I say let’s run with it and see where it goes.”

A fun, summery, music video accompanied with lyrics for the song will have you singing along, in not time!

JACK has now had 10 million global streams thanks to songs like ‘Fools’, ‘Downside of Up’ and ‘My Hands’. He has played over 200 shows in the last couple of years, touring globally, performing his own solo shows and supporting artists such as Mahalia, Maisie Peters, Dean Lewis, Ella Voss and E^st.

Listen to More from JACK GRAY, here:

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