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George Arthur Calendar Gets Thrifty in New Single "Thrift Kiss"

George Arthur Calendar is a Mexican musician located in the city of Chicago, Since his start in 2015, GAC has released three albums, all influenced by the juxtaposition of life’s routine patterns and eccentricities. In his new single "Thrift Kiss", we are introduced to a vaporwave-infused 80's lo-fi beat and a cute but quirky love story that takes place guessed it.....a thrift store. Being from Chicago, he pays homage to the well-known Village Discount as he and his date explore the aisles of a hipsters shopping paradise.

Mastered by Francisco Sanchez, “Thrift Kiss” is an undeniable synth-pop bop inspired by 1980’s lo-fi. Leading with a catchy drum machine beat, groovy disco bass, funky noodling guitars, lush synth pads and a silky vocal, his new single will have you bobbing your head from beginning to end.

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