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Gerry Liberty Debuts with ‘Boom Boom’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from South Africa, newcomer to the music scene, Gerry Liberty, is making the transition from wedding singer to Pop artist with the release of his debut single, “Boom Boom”.

After dropping out of University and working several dead end jobs he decided to use his love of Pop music and try his hand a some commercial releases.  His first single is an absolute jam – so I think there’s some hope for Gerry after all.

An upbeat vintage feel dominates the track while tongue in check lyrics make the tune easily relatable.  Dynamic production carried by guitar and bass set the tone while the vocals take over from beginning to end.  An undeniable energy, fun harmonies and catchy toplines make sure this tune will be stuck in your head long after your first listen.

What I love about this track is that although there are some clear influences and a nostalgic feel, Gerry Liberty is bringing a nice originality to the table and seems unafraid to do his own thing.

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