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Get Haunted by Restless Modern

Up and coming artist Restless Modern is looking to make a major impact in 2018.  After releasing his debut single, “Navigator”, with MOONZz, Restless Modern quickly realized he was onto something – with the release now sitting at over 6.5M streams on Spotify and was featured in several commercials for Hulu.

What serves as his third single for the new year and the latest cut off of his upcoming EP, Restless Modern has just unleashed, “Haunted”, which sees the singer/songwriter/producer taking things in a harder, more aggressive direction.  The highly dynamic release sees Restless Modern delivering emotive vocals on top of an impressive Electronic production. 

Haunting mellow sections full of ethereal soundscapes and airy vocals lead up to devastating drops that add a powerful layer to the track.  Overall this track has some great originality, pulling influences from Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Dubstep and Electronica and creating a stellar release.

This is one of those tracks that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion.  Crushing lows and massive rises.  I’m excited to see where Restless Modern takes things this year.

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