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"Get in the Way" by ellie.d is a Glittery and Somber Indie-Pop Track

Los Angeles native ellie.d releases her newest song, “Get in the Way,” which is about missing an ex-partner, despite trying to move on from them. “Get in the Way” feels like a hazy dream and lost memory with ellie. d’s soft and silky indie-pop production.

Ellie.d opens up “Get in the Way” by soulfully sining about standing in front of a person who resembles her ex and realizing at that moment that she hasn’t moved on from them. Ellie.d channels feelings of desperation and sadness with somber vocals and minimal instrumentations. Her lyrics tell a story that listeners can relate to while they are thinking about the one that “got away” for them.

“Get in the Way” is filled with vocal harmonies and light distortions, adding to the hazy and dreamscape atmosphere of the song. Listening to “Get in the Way” feels like being engulfed in a purple fog that is drizzled with heavy emotions and glittery upbeat productions. The chorus is simple, yet powerful, channeling groovy and glamorous disco beats from the 80s, while still maintaining soft and sweet vocals.

“Get in the Way” is a chill pop song that still packs a punch, making it the perfect upbeat jam to listen to when experiencing heartbreak. Ellie.d is no stranger to creating lush productions, especially her collaboration with Rando for “Passionfruit” by Drake. Ellie.d’s beautifully crafted voice is one that is uniquely her’s, so much so, that even industry powerhouses, like Drake, search for it on their chart-topping tracks. Ellie.d’s song “Get in the Way” captures the essence of Los Angeles: laidback, stylish, moody, and reflective.

Listen to more like Ellie d. Here:

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