• Nicholas Zallo

Get Ready for ‘Regrowth’

LA based art-pop traditionalist Kauf has been turning heads with his emotive chord progressions with a melancholic undertone.  After trying his hand in experimental Rock bands, Kauf dove into electronic production and synth collecting – quickly becoming a studio rat psychedelia obsessive.

With the release of his debut album, “Regrowth“, on the horizon, Kauf released, “Limestone“, which finds him once again relying on dense layering, echo-laden vocals, and a penchant for distorted, imperfect sounds, to create an all around captivating release.

To spice up the tune, Kauf has also delivered a remix from Thomaas Banks, the alter-ego of Thomas Coveney – best known for his work as 1/2 of prolific UK duo Psychemagik.  While you can hear the Psychemagik influence in the production, Thomaas Banks takes things in a different direction.  Starting off the track with melodic, chill, atmospheric layers – things quickly pick up with the addition of a growling, driving baseline, rhythmic synth work and some pumping drums. 

If this is any sign of what’s to come, be on the look out for the album dropping this month.

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