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Glimji Releases Their Newest Glittery Y2K Club Track, “A Gem So Precious.”

“A Gem So Precious” by Glimji is a crystalized and bouncy club banger that sounds like it came straight from the early 2000s. The percussion is bouncy and heavy, making it the perfect dance track due to its booming and pounding bass.

“A Gem So Precious” feels glamorous, sparkly, and electric. It differs from most modern-day club bangers with its drift from formulaic song structures in favor of a more glitchy and ambient sound. Glimji captures the fun and freedom of the early 2000s with major chords and distorted vocals sprinkled throughout the track. It has production effects that feel euphoric and expensive, making any listener instantly hooked.

Glimji is a 23 year old Manchester artist based in London, UK. His emphasis on romantic groovy dance music stems from a passion and love for UK Garage and Trance stemming from growing up in the early 2000s, taking visual inspiration from this era as well.

Glimji nails down the y2k aesthetic with his cover art. Focused on the bling, sparkle, and vivid colors of the time, Glimji makes sure that his work doesn’t stop at the music, but how listeners interact and consume his music. Glimji shows listeners that he is committed to his sound and the world he builds with his music. This specific branding and mark of artistry allows Glimji to stand out among the many different artists out today.

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