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Global Creative Studio ‘EAT’ Provides New Perspectives On Thought Leadership Through Internationally

Leading creative studio EAT continues to elevate its foundation by offering progressive and diverse perspectives to design, business and creative expression. First established in 2009, EAT’s humble beginnings inside a 200 sq foot apartment has led them on a 10+ year journey toward producing high quality work for household names including Netflix, Red Bull, Lyft and many more. EAT takes pride in their client services by prioritizing values like warmth and teamwork as well as educational offers like workshops where the EAT team offers a deeper insight into the creative intelligence behind the branding and designing process. With team members residing in countries from around the globe, the company provides cutting edge design as they are able to tap into a multitude of ideas and inspiration in order to deliver innovative and relevant concepts for a global economy. 

COO/CFO: Gabriel Seibel

While remaining internationally tapped in, EAT is also an immigrant, female and queer-owned company. Founder and CEO Renata Morris brings over 17 years of experience in branding and design to the table, leading all facets of EAT’s business by closing deals and ensuring clients success. Having recently been featured in Forbes, Renata has made it known that one of her top goals is to continue to share her passion for design and industry knowledge as a public speaker and educator in the field of creative intelligence. COO and Head of Production Gabriel Seibel has successfully executed 400+ projects for internationally renowned brands overseeing everything from development to production at EAT. As a Tedx speaker at the Université de Nanterre in Paris, he also teaches Marketing at Paris’ IESEG School of Management. Together, Renata and Gabriel have expanded the team far beyond their Los Angeles-based headquarters to Brazil, France, Germany and Portugal.

Founder & CEO: Renata Morris

By prioritizing values like ‘warmth’ and ‘progress’, EAT’s deep regard for their team truly sets them apart. They understand that the ability to remain personable in a creative field allows an environment for creativity to thrive. The proof is in the pudding; everything from their internal operations to the way they interact with their clients proves the effectiveness of their choice to remain authentic, humanized and therefore refreshingly approachable. Specializing in graphic design, brand development, script and storytelling, etc EAT has contributed to influential brand development for companies like Adidas, Disney, Warner, and The New York Times.

It is both Renata and Gabriel’s goal to combine the proof of their efforts and their genuine passion for what they do to inspire aspirational designers to pursue their dreams despite adversity. The founders of EAT plan to use their platform to assure fellow immigrants, women and queer-identifying individuals to go after their goals with strength, courage and fluent creativity. EAT values the power of individual experience as it pertains to delivering unique and high quality art, which is why they’re ready to share their journey’s, hoping to encourage others to do the same.

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