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GOLDSPACE Bring The Sauce on New Single ‘Think Twice’

It was only a few short months ago that Boston based production/songwriting duo GOLDSPACE landed on my radar with their jam, “Drugz”. 

While that tune still rocks in my personal playlists, I can’t say I haven’t been patiently waiting for some more – luckily the time is now.  Yesterday, GOLDSPACE landed in my inbox and I was instantly hyped… and I may like their new single, “Think Twice”, even more than, “Drugz”.  Their new offering is an absolutely seductive, grooving, new wave R&B jam that features spacious, clean, bubbly production, swaying, attitude laced vocals and an overall vibe that hit me from the very first note.  An anthem about fast love, the single speaks directly to a potential lover and says, “despite the fact that I’m juggling so many things in life and I’m not the most dependable person, let’s jump into it completely and not think twice.

From earworm melodies to funky musical embellishments and a polish that usually comes along with years of trial and error, GOLDSPACE are here to stay and their new single should absolutely make people take notice.  All I know is I will be hanging onto every note and rocking this one til the wheels fall off.  Do yourself a favor and hop on the bandwagon.  GOLDSPACE are artists to watch.

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