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GOLDSPACE Get Us High with ‘Drugz’

With the prestigious Berklee College of Music calling Boston home, it is never a surprise when I find fire new artists from the area.  Recently I was introduced to new duo GOLDSPACE via their single, “Drugz”, and I have been rocking it heavily since it landed in my inbox.

With both artists handling all of the creative in house from the production to vocals, GOLDSPACE are creating vibes from a homegrown and fully authentic space.  Blurring the lines between Future R&B and Hip Hop, they are bringing a smooth yet rhythmic vibe to the scene.  On, “Drugz”, minimal yet beautifully crafted electronic production set the tone while the vocals sit front and center.  Sexy, smooth and totally groovy, the new single brings a brilliant bounce and plenty of attitude to make any music listener snap their necks in the most low key way possible.  

Considering I have been sitting on this one for close to a month (sorry GOLDSPACE) i’d have to assume they have something new coming real soon.  Make sure you add this one to your bins and keep an eye out.

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Edgy Pop’ playlist on Spotify!

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