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Golf Clap Are At It Again

If I didn’t love everything they have been dropping lately – I would def have to tell Golf Clap to ChillDafuqOut.  Having featured them on site nearly every week or two for the last several months, the buzzing Detroit based House duo have been on a relentless tear as of late.  While juggling original releases, remixes, live sets, radio shows and label releases on their own Country Club Disco may no easy task – Golf Clap has been able to increase productivity while also maintaining their high caliber sound in prime fashion.  Add to that the fact that they are some of the most accessible, friendly, helpful, supportive guys on the web (if you’re an artist you’ll want to join their Facebook community) – and it should be no surprise that it seems their time has finally come for world domination.  

Since they dropped their latest remix for Hood Rich and BRUX recent tune, “Let It Go”, I have been rocking it heavily.  Bringing a bit of soul to their latest flip, the new release features bright/bouncing synths, deep/rolling basslines and a literal ton of groove.  With chill vocal samples adding a bit of human touch, the rest of the production is laced with lush layers of synthetic sounds, playing perfectly off of each other as the track transforms from beginning to end.  

My favorite part about seeing a new Golf Clap remix land in my inbox is that you really never know what you are going to get.  Having seemingly mastered a number of different sounds and styles, you can never be quite sure if you are in for a dirty bass bomb or delicate sunset groover – all I know is that it is ALWAYS worth a listen. 

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