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Golf Clap Bring the Groove on Pat Lok ‘So Over It’ Flip

Fresh off landing a spot at the inaugural Friendship music cruise, the brainchild of the creative duo of Bryan Jones and Hugh Cleal, Golf Clap, is emerging as one of the most exciting groups to come out of electronic music in some time. Having amassed a loyal following through surprise sets at Electric Forest in 2018, consistent appearances at Movement, Miami Music Week, and Holy Ship, Golf Clap has withstood the trials of time, proving their grit and determination to spread their emotion-filled music throughout the world. Finally now, a nearly sleepless six years after its inception, Golf Clap is in the midst of breaking out into stardom.

Their infectious sense of rhythm bleeds across every track and remix they put out. In part due to their mantra of sorts: “rhythm makes people dance, melody makes people remember, and Golf Clap aims to keep you coming back for more,” the Golf Clap sound has become synonymous with great vibes, emotional melodies, and funky grooves–a sound anyone can get behind. And after remixing songs for artists such as Zeds Dead, Illenium, Tame Impala, and Louis the Child, Golf Clap has proved that they deserve to be seen in the same company as those high-profile names.

Golf Clap’s fresh remix of, “So Over It“, a funky track off of Pat Lok’s 2019 album, Corazón, provides a groovy tune that fits any number of chilled out vibes. The quiet percussive elements backing the track offer a steady rhythm that keeps the audience’s head bobbing for the entirety of the track, while Golf Clap’s warm synth chords elevate you to a dreamlike state. These paired with the luscious vocals from Hannah Yadi work to create the foundation of that Golf Clap sound. As the track moves into the drop, Golf Clap hits us with perfectly selected and pitch-shifted vocal chops atop a funky bassline that keeps the essence of the original track in mind. With a track this clean, Golf Clap most certainly delivers what can only be described as a smooth and dynamic vibe.

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