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Gorran Releases Emotional Third Single ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’

Based in London, multi-talented artist Gorran has been immersed in music nearly his whole life.  Finding solace in music from a young age, its seems he has known all along that becoming an artist was his only option.  Since attending the prestigious BRIT School (alumni including Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Rex Orange County), Gorran has been hard at work honing his sound and perfecting his live show. 

Having finally launched his solo career just this year with singles, “Easy for You”, and, “Hush”, Gorran has quickly found acclaim with his signature blend of Pop, Soul and R&B.  Inspired by artists like Post Malone, Lauv and Billie Eilish, with each new release, Gorran makes a point to create tunes that touch on basic human emotion and allow listeners to connect.  About his writing style, Gorran says, “Whether it’s sadness, joy, anger, nostalgia, fear – I just want them to feel something. I think that is what makes a great song and so that is what I will always aim to achieve.

Having already performed alongside KT Tunstall on her UK tour to sold-out audiences across the nation, as well as having graced the stage at the legendary London Roundhouse, there is no question that Gorran is poised to make some waves.  Showing no sign of letting up, he has just unveiled his latest single, the self-produced ballad, “I Don’t Love You Anymore”.  With little more than a piano, deep basses and minimal drum programming to set the mood, Gorran allows his dynamic, raw and emotive vocals to shine on his latest offering.  Inspired by lost love, the new tune brings an authenticity and familiarity that we all may be just a bit too used to – helping the track appeal to the masses and mend broken hearts around the globe.  

About how the song came to be, Gorran says, “I was finding it incredibly difficult to express exactly what I was trying to say lyrically in those last few weeks of being with her – it was only once we ended the relationship that I found I was able to completely let go and properly finish the song. It really helped me come to terms with how I was feeling, and how I had been feeling for quite a while. It became clear that the verses were a poetic summary of the fundamental weaknesses in the relationship. The middle 8 was the last section I wrote, and were some of the most painful lyrics I’ve ever had to write, as I realised whilst writing it that it was one final parting note to the person I thought I loved. The song honestly means more to me than almost anything.

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